Ammonia measurements with femtosecond laser-induced plasma spectroscopy

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title = "Ammonia measurements with femtosecond laser-induced plasma spectroscopy",
abstract = "Femtosecond laser-induced plasma spectroscopy for in situ ammonia (NH 3 ) measurements was demonstrated in NH 3 ∕N 2 mixtures. When a femtosecond laser at 800 nm was focused at the flow field, the parent NH 3 molecules would be photolyzed to generate electronics excited NH fragments, and then indirect measurements of NH 3 could be realized by detecting the NH fluorescence (A 3 Π − X 3 Σ − ) at 336 nm. A detection limit of 205 ppm was achieved. This work is the first attempt, to the best of our knowledge, for ammonia measurements with a femtosecond laser, and the results are useful for the development of ammonia diagnostics.",
author = "Dayuan Zhang and Qiang Gao and Bo Li and Jixu Liu and Zhongshan Li",
year = "2019",
month = "2",
day = "10",
doi = "10.1364/AO.58.001210",
language = "English",
volume = "58",
pages = "1210--1214",
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