An Engineering Approach to Fire Fighting Tactics

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title = "An Engineering Approach to Fire Fighting Tactics",
abstract = "This report presents a quantified model as a guide for the Incident Commander to determine the most suitable fire-fighting tactics in advance for given conditions at specific objects. The model is applied to two chemical warehouses. The model proves that it is possible to introduce risk management procedures and fire safety engineering models into fire-fighting tactics. If the model and its different sub-models are improved and scientifically validated, fire brigades will gain a powerful tool for predicting their capacity. The model can be used before the fire, in a pre-planning situation, during the fire to analyse the situation, or after the fire for tactical evaluation.",
keywords = "risk management, decision making, fire brigade, fire-fighting tactics, pre-fire planning, fire safety engineering",
author = "Stefan S{\"a}rdqvist",
year = "1996",
language = "English",
publisher = "Brandteknik",
school = "Division of Fire Safety Engineering",