Än har yxan mycket att göra - Nationalitetsfrågor i Finland 1918-1938

Forskningsoutput: Working paper


title = "{\"A}n har yxan mycket att g{\"o}ra - Nationalitetsfr{\aa}gor i Finland 1918-1938",
abstract = "This study concerns the images of Sweden, Swedes and Swedishness which can be found in magazine articles, satirical cartoons and other media in Finland from the years 1918-1938. The following paper is a pilot study of relevant material for my Ph.D. thesis. Language: Swedish",
keywords = "ruotsikuva, Sweden, national identity, Finland, sverigebild, kansallisuuskysymys, suomalaisuus, stereotypes, nationalitetsfr{\aa}gan",
author = "Ainur Elmgren",
year = "2004",
language = "svenska",
type = "WorkingPaper",