Anisotropic photoemission time delays close to a Fano resonance

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title = "Anisotropic photoemission time delays close to a Fano resonance",
abstract = "Electron correlation and multielectron effects are fundamental interactions that govern many physical and chemical processes in atomic, molecular and solid state systems. The process of autoionization, induced by resonant excitation of electrons into discrete states present in the spectral continuum of atomic and molecular targets, is mediated by electron correlation. Here we investigate the attosecond photoemission dynamics in argon in the 20-40 eV spectral range, in the vicinity of the 3s-1np autoionizing resonances. We present measurements of the differential photoionization cross section and extract energy and angle-dependent atomic time delays with an attosecond interferometric method. With the support of a theoretical model, we are able to attribute a large part of the measured time delay anisotropy to the presence of autoionizing resonances, which not only distort the phase of the emitted photoelectron wave packet but also introduce an angular dependence.",
author = "Claudio Cirelli and Carlos Marante and Sebastian Heuser and Petersson, {C. L.M.} and Gal{\'a}n, {{\'A}lvaro Jim{\'e}nez} and Luca Argenti and Shiyang Zhong and David Busto and Marcus Isinger and Saikat Nandi and Sylvain MacLot and Linnea Rading and Per Johnsson and Mathieu Gisselbrecht and Matteo Lucchini and Lukas Gallmann and Dahlstr{\"o}m, {J. Marcus} and Eva Lindroth and Anne L'Huillier and Fernando Mart{\'i}n and Ursula Keller",
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