Anomalous modulation of Josephson radiation in nanowire-based Josephson junctions

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title = "Anomalous modulation of Josephson radiation in nanowire-based Josephson junctions",
abstract = "We investigate the Josephson radiation of nanowire (NW)-based Josephson junctions in a parallel magnetic field. The Josephson junction made of an InAs NW with superconducting Al leads shows the emission spectra which follow the Josephson frequency over the range 4-8 GHz at zero magnetic field. We observe an apparent deviation of the emission spectra from the Josephson frequency which is accompanied by a strong enhancement of the switching current above a magnetic field of ∼300 mT. The observed modulations can be understood to reflect trivial changes in the superconducting circuit surrounding the device which is strongly affected by the applied magnetic field. Our findings will provide a way to accurately investigate topological properties in NW-based systems.",
author = "H. Kamata and Deacon, {R. S.} and S. Matsuo and K. Li and S. Jeppesen and L. Samuelson and Xu, {H. Q.} and K. Ishibashi and S. Tarucha",
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doi = "10.1103/PhysRevB.98.041302",
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