Anomalous Schottky Signals from a Laser-Cooled Ion Beam

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title = "Anomalous Schottky Signals from a Laser-Cooled Ion Beam",
abstract = "Longitudinal Schottky signals froma laser-cooled, spatially dense, ionbeam have been studied inthe ASTRID storage ring. Thefluctuation signals are distortedby the effects of space charge, asis observed in electron cooling experiments.However,the spectra also exhibit previously unobservedcoherent components. The ions' velocity distribution, measured by alaser fluorescence technique, suggests that the coherence isdue to suppression of Landau damping. The observed behavior hasimportant implications for the attainment of a crystalline ion beamin a storage ring.",
author = "Ana Labrador and Hangst, {J. S.} and V. Levedev and N. Madsen and Nielsen, {J. S.} and O. Poulsen and P. Shi and Schiffer, {J. P.}",
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