Auditory magnetic responses of healthy newborns

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title = "Auditory magnetic responses of healthy newborns",
abstract = "We recorded magnetic brain activity from healthy human newborns when they heard frequency changes in an otherwise repetitive sound stream. We were able to record the magnetic counterpart of the mismatch negativity (MMN) previously described only with electric recordings in infants. The results show that these recordings are possible, although still challenging due to the small head size and head movements. The modelling of the neural sources underlying the recorded responses suggests cortical sources in the temporal lobes.",
keywords = "MEG, magnetoencephalography, auditory, infant, mismatch negativity, MMN",
author = "Minna Huotilainen and Anu Kujala and Merja Hotakainen and Anna Shestakova and Elena Kushnerenko and Lauri Parkkonen and Vineta Fellman and Risto Naatanen",
year = "2003",
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