Auger Spectra of K+ L23 Excitations in Potassium Halides

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The L23M23M23 Auger spectra of K+ L23 excitation in potassium halides are measured using photon excitation with different energies in the region of the K+ L23 absorption edge (around 300 eV). It is shown that the screening of the two 3p holes caused by the collapsed 3d electron of the K+ L23 exciton leads to a considerable shift (by about (6÷7) eV) of the K+ L23M23M23 Auger bands to higher energies. Only the low-energy component of the crystal-field-split K+ 3d orbital forms a genuine bound state with 2p holes, whereas its high-energy component lies in the conduction band continuum and behaves like a shape resonance.


  • A. Kikas
  • A. Ausmees
  • M. Elango
  • J. N. Andersen
  • R. Nyholm
  • I. Martinson
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  • Estonian Academy of Sciences
Sidor (från-till)683-686
Antal sidor4
TidskriftEurophysics Letters
Utgåva nummer6
StatusPublished - 1991 jul 15
Peer review utfördJa