Autoignition of Dimethyl Ether and Air in an Optical Flow-Reactor

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title = "Autoignition of Dimethyl Ether and Air in an Optical Flow-Reactor",
abstract = "Autoignition of dimethyl ether in air was studied in a turbulent flow-reactor with optical access, at conditions relevant to micro gas turbine combustors. The ignition process was visualized using OH*-chemiluminescence imaging, showing the formation of multiple autoignition kernels along the central axis of the reactor. Ignition delays in the range of tau = 112-310 ms were measured at temperatures of T = 739-902 K, pressures of P = 0.2-0.4 MPa, equivalence ratios of phi = 0.225-0.675, and initial flow velocities of U-i = 8-46 m/s. The effect of adding nitrogen to the reactants as a diluent was investigated for mole fractions of additional nitrogen ranging from 0 < X-N2 < 0.1. The experimental ignition delays were compared with homogeneous gas-phase chemical kinetic modeling. Comparison between the modeling and experiments showed significant discrepancies, but agreement was improved when heat transfer in the reactor was taken into account in the modeling.",
author = "Alessandro Sch{\"o}nborn and Parisa Sayad and Alexander Konnov and Jens Klingmann",
year = "2014",
doi = "10.1021/ef402476r",
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