Beta Decay of 102Y Produced in Projectile Fission of 238U

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title = "Beta Decay of 102Y Produced in Projectile Fission of 238U",
abstract = "The population of 102Zr following the β decay of 102Y produced in the projectile fission of 238U at the GSI facility in Darmstadt, Germany has been studied. 102Y is known to {\ss} decay into 102Zr via two states, one of high spin and the other low spin. These states preferentially populate different levels in the 102Zr daughter. In this paper the intensities of transitions in 102Zr observed are compared with those from the decay of the low-spin level studied at the TRISTAN facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory and of the high-spin level studied at the JOSEF separator at the Kernforschungsanlage J{\"u}lich.",
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