Building Blocks of a Republican Cosmopolitanism: The Modality of Being Free

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title = "Building Blocks of a Republican Cosmopolitanism: The Modality of Being Free",
abstract = "A structural affinity between republican freedom as non-domination and human rights claims accounts for the relevance of republicanism for cosmopolitan concerns. Central features of republican freedom is its institution dependence and the modal aspect it adds to being free. Its chief concern is not constraint, but the way in which an agent is constrained or not. To the extent I am vulnerable to someone{\textquoteright}s dispositional power over me I am not free, even if I am not in fact constrained. Republican freedom adds a substantial element to a justification of human rights in terms of entitlement, rather than mere satisfaction of interests. A satisfied interest is not a satisfied right if the satisfaction is dependent on personal good-will and can be withdrawn at any time. Like republican freedom, human rights claims add a modal aspect to enjoyment. Both can be violated by institutional arrangement alone and can be secured only within accountable institutions. National borders may well be irrelevant to the dispositional powers to which people are vulnerable. An international set of institutions globalizes those circumstances in which republican liberty arises as a concern.",
keywords = "entitlement, dispositional power, republican freedom, human rights, institutions, modality",
author = "Lena Halldenius",
year = "2010",
language = "English",
volume = "9",
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