Calcium sensitivity and energetics of contraction in skinned smooth muscle of the guinea pig taenia coli at altered pH

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Calcium-sensitivity of contraction, force-velocity relation and ATP hydrolysis rate at different pH (6.2-7.8) were investigated in skinned smooth muscle preparations from the guinea pig taenia coli. Varied free-calcium levels were buffered by 4 mM BAPTA (1,2-bis(2-aminophenoxy)-ethane-N,N,N'N'-tetraacetic acid) which has calcium binding properties little affected by pH. A small increase of calcium-sensitivity of contraction was seen at pH 6.2 compared to 6.9 and 7.8 (ED50 shift of about 0.15 pCa units). The isometric force and Vmax in fibres activated either by calcium or by thiophosphorylation of the myosin light chains were each reduced by about 15% at pH 6.2 compared to 6.9 and 7.8. Following an isotonic quick release the shortening velocity decreases with time. This effect was more pronounced at pH 6.2 than at pH 6.9 or 7.8. The ATP hydrolysis rates in relaxed and thiophosphorylated fibres were essentially unaffected by alteration in pH between 6.2 and 7.8. Due to the lower force, energetic cost of force maintenance was thus somewhat increased at pH 6.2. These results suggest that pH alteration between 6.2 and 7.8 have effects on the properties of the contractile machinery of the smooth muscle in the skinned guinea pig taenia coli. The effects are however small and therefore probably of little functional importance over a pH range which should cover most cases of intracellular pH alteration under physiological or pathophysiological conditions.


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StatusPublished - 1989
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