Causally Redundant Social Objects: Rejoinder to Elder-Vass

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title = "Causally Redundant Social Objects: Rejoinder to Elder-Vass",
abstract = "In Elder-Vass{\textquoteright}s response to my (2014) it is maintained: (1) that a social object is not identical with but is merely composed of its suitably interrelated parts; (2) that a social object is necessarily indistinguishable in terms of its causal capacities from its interrelated parts; and (3) that ontological individualism lacks an adequate ontological justification (Elder-Vass forthcoming). In this reply, I argue that in view of (1) the so-called redescription principle defended by Elder-Vass ought to be reformulated and renamed; that the conjunction of (1) and (2) renders social objects causally redundant; and that ontological individualism can be coherently formulated and theoretically justified within Elder-Vass{\textquoteright}s own metaphysics of objects with causal powers.",
keywords = "causal power, critical realism, emergence, mereology, ontological individualism, social structure",
author = "{Hansson Wahlberg}, Tobias",
year = "2014",
doi = "10.1177/0048393114521364",
language = "English",
volume = "44",
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