Characterization of a Brassica napus myrosinase pseudogene: myrosinases are members of the BGA family of beta-glycosidases

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Myrosinase isoenzymes are known to be encoded by two different families of genes denoted MA and MB. Nucleotide sequence analysis of a Brassica napus genomic clone containing a gene for myrosinase revealed it to be a pseudogene of the MA family. The gene spans more than 5 kb and contains at least 12 exons. The exon sequence of the gene is highly similar to myrosinase cDNA sequences. However, the gene displays three potential or actual pseudogene characters. Southern blot analysis using probes from the 3' portions of the genomic and B. napus MA and MB cDNA clones showed that MA type myrosinases are encoded by approximately 4 genes, while MB type myrosinases are encoded by more than 10 genes in B. napus. Northern blots with mRNA from seeds and young leaves probed with the MA- and MB-specific probes showed that the MA and MB myrosinase gene families are differentially expressed. Myrosinases are highly similar to proteins of a beta-glycosidase enzyme family comprising both beta-glycosidases and phospho-beta-glycosidases of as diverged species as archaebacteria, bacteria, mammals and plants. By homology to these beta-glycosidases, putative active site residues in myrosinase are discussed on the basis of the similarity between beta-glycosidases and cellulases.


  • Marit Lenman
  • A Falk
  • J Xue
  • L Rask
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Sidor (från-till)463-474
TidskriftPlant Molecular Biology
Utgåva nummer3
StatusPublished - 1993
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