Cholesky decomposition-based multiconfiguration second-order perturbation theory (CD-CASPT2): Application to the spin-state energetics of Co-III(diiminato)(NPh)

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The electronic structure and low-lying electronic states of a Co-III(diiminato)(NPh) complex have been studied using mulficonfigurational wave function theory (CASSCF/CASPT2) The results have been compared to those obtained with density functional theory. The best agreement with ab initio results is obtained with a modified B3LYP functional containing a reduced amount (15%) of Hartree-Fock exchange. A relativistic basis set with 869 functions has been employed in the most extensive ab initio calculations, where a Cholesky decomposition technique was used to overcome problems arising from the large size of the two-electron integral matrix. It is shown that this approximation reproduces results obtained with the full integral set to a high accuracy, thus opening the possibility to use this approach to perform multiconfigurational wave-function-based quantum chemistry on much larger systems relative to what has been possible until now.


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Sidor (från-till)694-702
TidskriftJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation
StatusPublished - 2008
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