Classification of Wolf-Rayet stars in NGC 595 in M 33 through high-spatial resolution observations

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NGC 595 is, after NGC 604, the second most luminous HII region in theMilky Ways neighbouring spiral galaxy M 33. Its Wolf-Rayet starcontent has mainly been unveiled by two different channels. On the onehand, the stellar population of NGC 595 has been resolved and its WRstars identified through on-line/off-line HeIIlambda4686 observationsrealised with the HST. Nevertheless, due to the limited number offilters used, this did not give any information on the WR spectralsubtypes. On the other hand, spectroscopic observations of NGC 595,realised at optical and ultraviolet wavelengths, have enabled thedetermination of some spectral subtypes, but this time, the lack ofangular resolution did not allow to resolve the whole population.Thanks to our photometric technique, based on five dedicated narrow-bandfilters, we present here a determination of the spectral subtypes of NGC595 WR stars which for the first time combines high-angular resolutionand high-spectroscopic discrimination capabilities.


  • Pierre Royer
  • Ingemar Lundström
  • Jean-Marie Vreux
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  • Astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi
Titel på värdpublikationA Massive Star Odyssey: From Main Sequence to Supernova (Proceedings of IAU Symposium ; 212)
RedaktörerKarel A. van der Hucht, Artemio Herrero, César Esteban
FörlagAstronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)
ISBN (tryckt)1-58381-133-8
StatusPublished - 2003
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