Convergence Speed of Coupling Iterations for the Unsteady Transmission Problem

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title = "Convergence Speed of Coupling Iterations for the Unsteady Transmission Problem",
abstract = "We present an estimate for the convergence rate of the Dirichlet-Neumann iteration for the discretized unsteady transmission problem. Specifically, we consider the coupling of two heat equations on two identical squared domains. The Laplacian is discretized by second order central finite differences and the implicit Euler method is used for the time discretization. For the semidiscrete case, Henshaw and Chad provided in 2009 a method to analyse stability and convergence speed based on applying the continuous Fourier transform to the semi-discretized equations. Numerical results for the fully discrete case show differences, which is why we propose a complementary analysis based on approximating the spectral radius of the iteration matrix. Numerical results are presented to illustrate the analysis.",
keywords = "Dirichlet-Neumann Iteration, Fixed Point Iteration, Transmission Problem, Coupled Problems, Thermal Fluid Structure Interaction",
author = "Azahar Monge and Philipp Birken",
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