Corporate governance and entrepreneurship at the organisational level in a frame of property rights

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This doctoral dissertation has aimed to contribute to a modern theory of the firm that balances a disciplining view of the firm with an enabling view of the firm. This has been approached through exploring how corporate governance mechanisms influence entrepreneurship at the organisational level, in a frame of property rights. As such, the research model that guides the dissertation depicts a model that includes different corporate governance mechanisms and their relations to entrepreneurship at the organisational level. The model also includes different organisational forms by taking account of the holders of property rights and the bundles of rights and liabilities that are given to them. Based on this research model, six separate papers with specific research objectives have been chosen to be included in this dissertation. The empirical objects of this dissertation belong to two areas. One is the riding industry and Swedish riding schools, and the other is the waste management, and water & sewerage industries. Three overall conclusions that can be made are: (1) corporate governance mechanisms can influence entrepreneurship at the organisational level; (2) corporate governance mechanisms can have both stimulating and restraining influences on entrepreneurship at the organisational level; and (3) the influence of corporate governance mechanisms on entrepreneurship at the organisational level is contingent on the property rights allocation. The nature of this dissertation, however, is exploratory, suggesting the linkages and studies to be in need of further exploration and investigation.


  • Elin Smith
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  • Sven-Olof Collin, handledare
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  • Lund University (Media-Tryck)
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StatusPublished - 2012