Critical evaluation of factors affecting chloride initiated reinforcement corrosion in concrete

Forskningsoutput: AvhandlingLicentiatavhandling


title = "Critical evaluation of factors affecting chloride initiated reinforcement corrosion in concrete",
abstract = "This licentiate study has been completed as a part of a larger experimental program {"}Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Marine Environment{"} carried out in Sweden and Denmark. The aim of this work has been to identify and critically evaluate some major parameters influencing the onset of active reinforcement corrosion in concrete in marine environment. Since the topic is naturally very complex, the aim of the thesis is to present an overall picture of the problem and a guideline for future work. The report has been divided into Part I - General considerations on chloride initiated reinforcement corrosion in concrete, and Part II - A model for prediction of the corrosion initiation time in reinforced concrete. Part II also include a discussion of optimal material selection and research needs, and a more detailed presentation of experimental results regarding factors affecting the chloride transport in concrete.",
keywords = "korrosion, forskningsbehov, ber{\"a}kningsmodeller, provningsresultat, laboratorief{\"o}rs{\"o}k, litteraturstudier, klorider, {\"o}versikter, vattenmilj{\"o}, armering, armerad betong, betong",
author = "Paul Sandberg",
year = "1995",
language = "English",
publisher = "Division of Building Materials, LTH, Lund University",
school = "Division of Building Materials",