Decoding of woven convolutional codes and simulation results

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title = "Decoding of woven convolutional codes and simulation results",
abstract = "An iterative decoding scheme for woven convolutional codes is presented. It is called pipeline decoding and operates in a window sliding over the received sequence. This exploits the nature of convolutional codes as sequences and suits the concept of convolutional encoding and decoding as a continuous process. The pipeline decoder is analyzed in terms of decoding delay and decoding complexity. Additional interleaving for woven convolutional constructions is introduced by employing a convolutional scrambler. It is shown that some types of interleaving preserve the lower bound on the free distance of the original woven construction. Simulation results for woven convolutional codes are presented",
author = "Ralph Jordan and Walter Schnug and Martin Bossert and Stefan H{\"o}st and Rolf Johannesson",
year = "2000",
doi = "10.1109/ISIT.2000.866386",
language = "English",
isbn = "0-7803-5857-0",
pages = "96",
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