Definition of nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux for studies on respiratory diseases.

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Objective Nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux (nGER) has been associated with respiratory diseases. Our aim was to study a questionnaire method to identify nGER subjects with respiratory involvement in a general population. Material and methods A subgroup of Icelandic participants in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey III (ECRHS III) reporting symptoms of nGER (n = 48) as well as age and gender paired controls (n = 42) were studied further by a structured interview, questionnaires, laryngeal fibrescopy, and exhaled breath condensate. A subgroup underwent 24-h oesophageal pH impedance (24-h MII-pH) measurements. Symptoms of nGER were assessed with a modified version of the reflux disease questionnaire (RDQ), where symptoms were divided into daytime and nocturnal. A report of nGER both at baseline and at follow-up was defined as persistent nGER. Results Participants reporting persistent nGER had significantly more signs of laryngopharyngeal reflux according to the reflux finding score than those without nGER (Mean ± SD: 5.1 ± 2.3 vs. 3.9 ± 2.2, p = 0.02). Of the 16 persistent nGER subjects that underwent 24-h MII-pH, 11 had abnormal gastroesophageal reflux, but none of three control subjects (69% vs. 0%). Pepsin was more commonly found in exhaled breath condensate in the nGER group (67% vs. 45%, p = 0.04). Conclusions Participants with nGER symptoms at least once a month, reported on two occasions, had a high level of positive 24-h MII-pH measurements, laryngeal inflammation and pepsin in exhaled breath condensate. This nGER definition identified a representable group for studies on nGER and respiratory diseases in a general population.


  • Össur Ingi Emilsson
  • Bryndís Benediktsdóttir
  • Ísleifur Ólafsson
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Sigurður Júlíusson
  • Sören Berg
  • Leif Nordang
  • Einar Stefán Björnsson
  • Sunna Guðlaugsdóttir
  • Anna Soffía Guðmundsdóttir
  • Christer Janson
  • Thorarinn Gislason
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  • Gastroenterologi
Sidor (från-till)524-530
TidskriftScandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology
StatusPublished - 2016
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