Deformations and Magnetic Rotations in the 60Ni Nucleus

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title = "Deformations and Magnetic Rotations in the 60Ni Nucleus",
abstract = "Data from three experiments using the heavy-ion fusion evaporation-reaction Ar-36+Si-28 have been combined to study high-spin states in the residual nucleus Ni-60, which is populated via the evaporation of four protons from the compound nucleus Ge-64. The GAMMASPHERE array was used for all the experiments in conjunction with a 4 pi charged-particle detector arrays (MICROBALL, LUWUSIA) and neutron detectors (NEUTRON SHELL) to allow for the detection of. rays in coincidence with the evaporated particles. An extended Ni-60 level scheme is presented, comprising more than 270 gamma-ray transitions and 110 excited states. Their spins and parities have been assigned via directional correlations of gamma rays emitted from oriented states. Spherical shell-model calculations in the fp-shell characterize some of the low-spin states, while the experimental results of the rotational bands are analyzed with configuration-dependent cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky calculations.",
author = "Torres, {D. A.} and F. Cristancho and Lise-Lotte Andersson and Emma Johansson and Dirk Rudolph and Claes Fahlander and J{\"o}rgen Ekman and {du Rietz}, Rickard and C. Andreoiu and Carpenter, {M. P.} and D. Seweryniak and S. Zhu and Charity, {R. J.} and Chiara, {C. J.} and C. Hoel and Pechenaya, {O. L.} and W. Reviol and Sarantites, {D. G.} and Sobotka, {L. G.} and C. Baktash and Yu, {C. -H.} and Carlsson, {B. G.} and I. Ragnarsson",
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