Demographic factors in the choice of coronal restoration after root canal treatment in the Swedish adult population

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Background: After root canal treatment, a choice is made between different coronal restorations which in the long run could affect the survival of the tooth. Objective: To compare demographic characteristics between individuals choosing an indirect coronal restoration (crown, inlay/onlay) and individuals choosing other restorations after completion of a root filling. Methods: The cohort consisted of all root-filled upper first molars that were reported to the tax-funded Swedish Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) during 2009. After registration of the root filling, any subsequent coronal restorations within 2 years were identified. The crown group consisted of individuals registered with an indirect coronal restoration and the restoration group was the remaining individuals with a direct coronal restoration or lacking registration. Demographic data (gender, disposable income, age, educational level, civil status and country of birth) were received from Statistics Sweden or the SSIA. Statistical analyses included chi-square test, t test and logistic regression analysis. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: An indirect coronal restoration was received by 7806 individuals (21.9%), and 27 886 individuals (78.1%) received a direct restoration. All demographic variables except gender differed significantly between groups. Logistic regression analysis found significant associations for all demographic variables and the registration of an indirect restoration except for country of birth and gender. Conclusions: The identified demographic differences between individuals choosing to restore their newly root-filled teeth with an indirect restoration compared to those receiving other restorations may indicate that the tax-funded Swedish dental insurance fails to provide dental care on equal terms for Swedish citizens.


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TidskriftJournal of Oral Rehabilitation
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StatusPublished - 2019 jan
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