Description of Telia's OFDM-based proposal

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title = "Description of Telia's OFDM-based proposal",
abstract = "This document give an overview of Telias OFDM based proposal for UTRA and should be considered as an input to the OFDM concept group within SMG 2. The document describe the fundamental frame structure, principles of the detection, modulation, coding and synchronisation. Further on the channel structure, the resource management and handover principles are outlined.",
author = "Matthias Wahlqvist and M{\aa}rten Eriksson and Christer {\"O}stberg and Lennart Olsson and M. Johansson and W. Ye and Per {\"O}dling and Ove Edfors and Daniel Landstr{\"o}m and {van de Beek}, Jan-Jaap and Julia Martinez-Arenas",
year = "1997",
language = "English",
volume = "Tdoc SMG2 180/97",
series = "ETSI SMG2",
publisher = "ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute",