Designing Biobased Recyclable Polymers for Plastics

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Several concurrent developments are shaping the future of plastics. A transition to a sustainable plastics system requires not only a shift to fossil-free feedstock and energy to produce the carbon-neutral building blocks for polymers used in plastics, but also a rational design of the polymers with both desired material properties for functionality and features facilitating their recyclability. Biotechnology has an important role in producing polymer building blocks from renewable feedstocks, and also shows potential for recycling of polymers. Here, we present strategies for improving the performance and recyclability of the polymers, for enhancing degradability to monomers, and for improving chemical recyclability by designing polymers with different chemical functionalities.


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Sidor (från-till)50-67
TidskriftTrends in Biotechnology
Utgåva nummer1
Tidigt onlinedatum2019 maj 28
StatusPublished - 2020
Peer review utfördJa

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Johanna Generosi, Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Sang-Hyun Pyo, Baozhong Zhang, Charlotta Turner, Irene Rodriguez Meizoso, Ola Wallberg, Christian Hulteberg, Olaf Diegel, Stephen Hall, Matti Ristinmaa, Lars J Nilsson, Ellen Palm, Karin Ericsson, Lars Coenen, Hanna Martin, Joeri Wesseling, Teis Hansen, Mikael Klintman, Johannes Stripple, Fredric Bauer, Stine Madsen, Patric Jannasch, Noomi Egan, Tobias Nielsen, Karl Holmberg & Anna Svantesson


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