Despre Sebastian, Sorescu, Dosoftei, Derrida și limba română

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title = "Despre Sebastian, Sorescu, Dosoftei, Derrida și limba rom{\^a}n{\u a}",
abstract = "The book is a collection of the articles the author has published between 2003-2015, in Romanian or English, in various academic journals. Some of them are concerned with the dramaturgy of Mihail Sebastian (Jocul de-a vacanța), of Marin Sorescu (Paracliserul), the translations and versifing of the Psalms by Dosoftei, Derrida's deconstruction philosophy as opposed to Saussure's structuralism, teaching of Romanian language to foreign students in various universities (NTNU, Charles University in Prague, 1 Decembrie 1918 University in Alba Iulia, Lund University), three interviews with the author in Romanian media (2009, 2013, 2016) etc.",
keywords = "chimera, dream, evasion, happiness, ideal, imaginary, love, utopiaambiguity, fictitious,, narratology, prospect, uncertainty, Middle Ages, Moldavia, Sweden, travelling impressions, Wallachia, grammatology, linguistics, logocentrism, speech, writing, grammar errors, Norwegian students, Romanian language, written exam ",
author = "Lucian Bagiu",
year = "2016",
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