Developing New Measuring Technique Controlling Desalination Brine Concentration

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title = "Developing New Measuring Technique Controlling Desalination Brine Concentration",
abstract = "Desalination is an important method and cost effective for producing potable water and is a rapidly growing technology worldwide. According to the International Desalination Association, IDA data base the amount of desalinated water soon will reach the 100 MCM per day, which means double of this amount (200 MCM/day) is called brine discharge or rejected amount. In this study, we planned to follow and control the huge amount of the rejected brine especially at the Gulf region which counts the most production area e.g. more than 45% of the world total amount and the largest desalination plant is also located there with more than one million cubic meter per day. The early warning system that introduces sea bottom probes (sensors) measuring desalination brine concentration can be good method to start in order to control the discharge at any location. It is great opportunity to the users that can continuously observe the changes of the concentration at the surrounding at any discharge point. For example the alarm signal works for the salt concentration increment for more than 0.5 g/l at the surrounding of any discharge point which is already existed in some places. The most important part of this plan is to establish the mobile testing instrumentation system from the above idea, which is similar to a mobile desalination plant. Such plants were developed few years ago for emergency cases and can easily sail from one location to another thereby serving many locations. Thus, we have to start mobile testing at existing desalination plants and use the mobile plants to measure and control intake and brine discharge.",
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