Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis: 2010 Revisions to the McDonald Criteria

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title = "Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis: 2010 Revisions to the McDonald Criteria",
abstract = "New evidence and consensus has led to further revision of the McDonald Criteria for diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The use of imaging for demonstration of dissemination of central nervous system lesions in space and time has been simplified, and in some circumstances dissemination in space and time can be established by a single scan. These revisions simplify the Criteria, preserve their diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, address their applicability across populations, and may allow earlier diagnosis and more uniform and widespread use. ANN NEUROL 2011;69:292-302",
author = "Polman, {Chris H.} and Reingold, {Stephen C.} and Brenda Banwell and Michel Clanet and Cohen, {Jeffrey A.} and Massimo Filippi and Kazuo Fujihara and Eva Havrdova and Michael Hutchinson and Ludwig Kappos and Lublin, {Fred D.} and Xavier Montalban and Paul O'Connor and {Sandberg Wollheim}, Magnhild and Thompson, {Alan J.} and Emmanuelle Waubant and Brian Weinshenker and Wolinsky, {Jerry S.}",
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