Doping GaP Core-Shell Nanowire pn-Junctions: A Study by Off-Axis Electron Holography

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title = "Doping GaP Core-Shell Nanowire pn-Junctions: A Study by Off-Axis Electron Holography",
abstract = "The doping process in GaP core-shell nanowire pn-junctions using different precursors is evaluated by mapping the nanowires' electrostatic potential distribution by means of off-axis electron holography. Three precursors, triethyltin (TESn), ditertiarybutylselenide, and silane are investigated for n-type doping of nanowire shells; among them, TESn is shown to be the most efficient precursor. Off-axis electron holography reveals higher electrostatic potentials in the regions of nanowire cores grown by the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism (axial growth) than the regions grown parasitically by the vapor-solid (VS) mechanism (radial growth), attributed to different incorporation efficiency between VLS and VS of unintentional p-type carbon doping originating from the trimethylgallium precursor. This study shows that off-axis electron holography of doped nanowires is unique in terms of the ability to map the electrostatic potential and thereby the active dopant distribution with high spatial resolution.",
keywords = "core-shell nanowires, nanowires, doping, electrostatic potential, potential maps, gallium phosphide, electron holography",
author = "Sadegh Yazdi and Alexander Berg and Magnus Borgstr{\"o}m and Takeshi Kasama and Marco Beleggia and Lars Samuelson and Wagner, {Jakob B.}",
year = "2015",
doi = "10.1002/smll.201403361",
language = "English",
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