Educating the compassionate water engineer - a remedy to avoid future water management failures?

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title = "Educating the compassionate water engineer - a remedy to avoid future water management failures?",
abstract = "The number of local and regional-scale water management failures appears steadily to increase despite an apparently higher level of engineering solutions at hand. The objective of this paper is to examine the challenges the existing education system needs to meet in order to produce water engineers capable of responding to the complexity of contemporary and future water problems in relation to societal needs. The next generation of water engineers may stay in their professional functions until 2040 or 2050. It is likely that in this period more critical water management and environmental problems will be experienced than have been encountered so far. The question then arises whether the present water engineers have the proper background education to understand environmental, hydrological, ecological and socio-economic problems to resolve related water management problems. Future water engineers must, to a greater extent, include socio-economic consequences in planned and/or designed water management systems and convey greater transparency regarding risks and societal effects.",
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