Effect of cooking procedures and storage on starch bioavailability in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Common commercial beans were cooked using two procedures: under pressure (autoclaving) and traditional cooking. Total starch extraction was higher in beans cooked with the traditional procedure (41.69-42.81%) than in the autoclaved samples (37.04-38.16%) and did not change during storage at 4°C. However, available and total resistant starch levels in vitro were not influenced by the cooking procedure or storage. Retrograded resistant starch content was higher in beans cooked with the traditional process (2.65-2.79%) than in autoclaved beans (1.62-1.94%). The initial in vitro α-amylolysis rate in freshly cooked beans was higher in the autoclaved preparation than in the beans cooked by the traditional process, but final hydrolysis indices (90 min) were similar for both samples. None of the bean samples showed statistical differences in α-amylolysis behavior (α = 0.05) after storage at 4°C for 96 hour.


  • Lorena Landa-Habana
  • Ariana Piña-Hernández
  • Edith Agama-Acevedo
  • Juscelino Tovar
  • Luis A. Bello-Pérez
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  • National Polytechnic Institute
  • Central University of Venezuela


Sidor (från-till)133-136
Antal sidor4
TidskriftPlant Foods for Human Nutrition
Utgåva nummer4
StatusPublished - 2004 okt 1
Peer review utfördJa
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