Effects of glomerular filtration rate on Ficoll sieving coefficients (theta) in rats.

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The purpose of the present study was to assess the role of diffusion and convection during filtration of Ficoll across the glomerular filter by comparing glomerular sieving coefficients ( h) to neutral fluorescein isothiocyanate ( FITC)-Ficoll 70/400 obtained at low ( hydropenic) vs raised ( normal) glomerular filtration rates (GFRs). The h for FITC-Ficoll was determined in anesthetized Wistar rats (304 +/- 18 g) following laparotomy and cannulation of the ureters, used for urine sampling. After surgery, GFR was 1.2 +/- 0.16 ml/ min (+/- s. e.), assessed using the plasma to urine clearance of FITC-inulin and Cr-51-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. FITC-Ficoll 70/400 was infused intravenously (i.v.) following an initial bolus dose. To raise GFR, to an average of similar to 2 ml/ min, 5 ml of serum together with glucagon ( 3 mu g/min) was given i.v. FITC- inulin and FITC- Ficoll were determined in plasma and urine using size-exclusion high-performance liquid chromatography. The h for Ficoll as a function of Stokes - Einstein radius was significantly reduced in the range of 13 - 43 angstrom when GFR was raised. The maximal h lowering effect, in relative terms, of raising GFR was obtained for a Ficoll a(e) of similar to 32 angstrom. For Ficoll(36 angstrom) (cf. albumin), h was reduced from 0.111 +/- 0.009 to 0.081 +/- 0.012 ( P<0.05; n = 7) for the GFR increment imposed. The reduction in h for Ficoll after raising GFR indicates the presence of a high diffusive component of glomerular Ficoll filtration in rats in vivo and contradicts the notion of a significant concentration polarization effect in the glomerular filter upon Ficoll molecules <50 angstrom in radius.


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Sidor (från-till)1326-1332
TidskriftKidney International
StatusPublished - 2006
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Asgeirsson, D., 2009, Department of Nephrology, Lund University. 122 s.

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