Efficient estimation of emission probabilities in profile hidden Markov models.

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title = "Efficient estimation of emission probabilities in profile hidden Markov models.",
abstract = "Profile hidden Markov models provide a sensitive method for performing sequence database search and aligning multiple sequences. One of the drawbacks of the hidden Markov model is that the conserved amino acids are not emphasized, but signal and noise are treated equally. For this reason, the number of estimated emission parameters is often enormous. Focusing the analysis on conserved residues only should increase the accuracy of sequence database search.",
keywords = "Sequence Alignment: methods, Proteins: classification, Proteins: chemistry, Enzymes: classification, Enzymes: chemistry, Amino Acids: chemistry, Amino Acids: classification, Sequence Analysis, Protein: methods",
author = "Virpi Ahola and Tero Aittokallio and Esa Uusipaikka and Mauno Vihinen",
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