Energin under mark ska upp till ytan: Strategisk innovationsagenda för geoenergi

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title = "Energin under mark ska upp till ytan: Strategisk innovationsagenda f{\"o}r geoenergi",
abstract = "The Swedish Strategic Innovation Agenda for Geoenergy develops a strategy for highlighting the need for geoenergy research, development and innovation in relation to the business community and authorities. Sweden has a strong global position in the field. Geothermal energy is the third­largest renewable energy source in Sweden, along with wind power. Currently, approximately 18 TWh of renewable heat per year is supplied to household, industrial and commercial buildings. In addition, there is 1­2 TWh of cooling. There is a great need for a long­term strategy and financial plan for geoenergy research and innovation in Sweden, in order to maintain and further develop research groups and the country's leading position in the field. Today, Swedish research in this field comprises about 14 full­time positions at universities, institutes and companies. This is little compared to the existing use of geothermal energy, about 19 TWh, which is worth about 15 billion SEK in consumer sales. It is also little in relation to possible future contributions to sustainable development in Sweden and abroad. The agenda is divided into short independent chapters that are tailored to different target groups/ applications. Each chapter consists of an introduction to the current situation, how geoenergy can strategically contribute to a sustainable society, and what actions/needs are a priority.",
keywords = "Geothermal energy",
author = "Oskar R{\"a}fteg{\aa}rd and Signhild Gehlin and Johan Barth and Mattias Gustafsson and G{\"o}ran Hellstr{\"o}m and Javed S and Per Jonasson and Per Lundqvist and Johan Tjernstr{\"o}m",
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