Estimates of regional surface carbon dioxide exchange and carbon and oxygen isotope discrimination during photosynthesis from concentration profiles in the atmospheric boundary layer

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The integrating properties of the atmospheric boundary layer allow the influence of surface exchange processes on the atmosphere to be quantified and estimates of large-scale fluxes of trace gases and plant isotopic discrimination to be made. Five flights were undertaken over two days in and above the convective boundary layer (CBL) in a vegetated region in central Siberia. Vertical profiles of CO2 and H2O concentrations, temperature and pressure were obtained during each flight. Air flask samples were taken at various heights for carbon and oxygen isotopic analysis of CO2. Two CBL budget methods were compared to estimate regional surface fluxes of CO2 and plant isotopic discrimination against 13CO2 and C18O16O. Flux estimates were compared to ground-based eddy covariance measurements. The fluxes obtained for CO2 using the first method agreed to within 10% of fluxes measured in the forest at the study site by eddy covariance. Those obtained from the second method agreed to within 35% when a correction was applied for air loss out of the integrating column and for subsidence. The values for 13C discrimination were within the range expected from knowledge of C3 plant discriminations during photosynthesis, while the inferred 18O discrimination varied considerably over the two-day period. This variation may in part be explained by the enrichment of chloroplast water during the day due to evaporation from an initial signature in the morning close to source water. Additional potential complications arising from the heterogeneous nature of the landscape are discussed.


  • JM Styles
  • J Lloyd
  • D Zolothukin
  • KA Lawton
  • RJ Francey
  • Almut Arneth
  • D Salamakho
  • O Kolle
  • ED Schulze
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  • Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry

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Sidor (från-till)768-783
TidskriftTellus. Series B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology
Utgåva nummer5
StatusPublished - 2002
Peer review utfördJa
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