Etudes sur la syntaxe et la sémantique de "tot" en roumain ancien et moderne.

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The aim of this thesis is to investigate the functions of the word "tot" 'whole; each; all' in old and modern Romanian, by studying the syntax, morphology and semantics of this word as part of or in combination with a noun phrase (NP). An attempt is made to find out the status of "tot" in a classification of numerals, articles and adjectives.

The present work consists of four separate studies (i.e. parts A, B, C, D), representing different publications. In (A) and (C) the different senses and functions of "tot" referred to as "tot-I" 'the whole N', "tot-II" 'each N' and "tot-III" 'all the N' are investigated from the point of view of its position in relation to the NP, and also when combined with the definite clitic article "-L" (on the NP). Part (B) is focused on the semantics of "tot" in old Romanian, specifically on the ambiguity inherent in "tot-I" and "tot-II" (e.g. "tot orasul" may mean either 'the whole town' or "each town"). Part (D) provides an account of the morphological behaviour of this word when combined with an NP in the Genitive/Dative case.

The results suggest that the more numeral-like functions of "tot" have disappeared so that only the more adjective-like functions are left in the modern language.


  • Coralia Ditvall
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