Evacuation modelling for underground physics research facilities

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This document presents the results of a literature review performed in order to assess the suitability of different evacuation modelling tools for the calculation of evacuation times and assessment of fire safety in underground physics research facilities. This document is part of the research collaboration between Lund University and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), concerning performance-based fire risk assessment for the underground facilities of the Future Circular Collider (FCC). The review presents an overview of current modelling methods with different degrees of sophistication and provides recommendations on the most appropriate methods to be used in relation to the scenario under consideration. The use of simplified evacuation models is recommended for the simulation of people movement in simple mono-dimensional evacuation scenarios in long tunnel arcs. Advanced evacuation models (e.g. agent-based models) are recommended for the simulation of the evacuation process in the area of the experimental caverns. In case of evacuation scenarios in which complex interactions between people and the underground environment take place, advanced models are recommended as well.


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FörlagLund University, Department of Fire Safety Engineering
StatusPublished - 2016


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