Every-day Life and Energy Use - Self-reported Household Energy Behaviour in Malmö, Sweden

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title = "Every-day Life and Energy Use - Self-reported Household Energy Behaviour in Malm{\"o}, Sweden",
abstract = "Development in building envelopes and energy efficient systems has an impact in reducing energy use, but the everyday life of the households significantly influences the total performance of the housing sector that in Sweden constitutes 25% of the total energy use. This paper presents and discusses some results of a study investigating the relationship between every-day life and energy use among the socio-culturally diverse tenant population in Malm{\"o}. The method consists of interviews and questionnaires conducted within a group of respondents learning Swedish. The energy behaviour is assessed based on the interview and questionnaire responses and the household energy use is quantified based on this assessed behaviour and available values of the energy efficiency of appliances focusing on electricity use. The results show a variation in energy use among the respondents that principally seems to be derived from the current life-style while being primarily influenced by individual preferences. ",
keywords = "Energy use, Everyday Life",
author = "Laura Liuke and Eja Pedersen and Erik Johansson and {\AA}ke Blomsterberg",
year = "2017",
language = "English",
note = "European Network for Housing Research : Affordable Housing for All! – Redefining the Roles of Public and Private Sectors, ENHR ; Conference date: 04-09-2017 Through 06-09-2017",
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