Field synergy analysis of six starts spiral corrugated tube under high Reynolds number

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title = "Field synergy analysis of six starts spiral corrugated tube under high Reynolds number",
abstract = "Coaxial heat exchanger is widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration etc., due to its highly efficient heat transfer performance. Spiral corrugated tube plays an important role in coaxial heat exchanger. In this paper, the numerical model of a six starts spiral corrugated tube and a smooth tube with the same size are developed. The temperature field and the velocity field of their streamline and longitudinal vortex are investigated respectively. Then, their heat transfer and pressure drop performance inside the spiral corrugated tube under different high Reynolds number is investigated by compared their Nusselt number and friction coefficient. Meanwhile, their field synergy performances with their field synergy angles are presented. The result shows that the Nusselt number and friction coefficient of spiral corrugated tube are always larger than the smooth tube, and with the increasing of Reynolds number, the heat transfer performance of SCT becomes better than smooth tube, however, the friction coefficient ratio also increases synchronously. And in spiral corrugated tube, the field synergy angel is smaller than in the smooth tube. This work can be referred by some who are also dealing with spiral corrugated tube and its heat performance research.",
author = "Qian, {Jin Yuan} and Liu, {Bu Zhan} and Chen, {Fu Qiang} and Gao, {Xiao Fei} and Jin, {Zhi Jiang}",
year = "2016",
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