First Observation of the Nuclei 87Tc and 88Tc

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The gamma-decay of excited states in the neutron deficient isotopes Tc-87 and Tc-88 has been observed for the first time. The fusion-evaporation reactions Ni-58(S-32, p2n)Tc-87 and Ni-58(S-32, pn)Tc-88 at 110 MeV, Ca-40(Cr-50, p2n)Tc-87 and Ca-40(Cr-50, pn)Tc-88 at 170 MeV and Ni-58(Ar-36, alpha-pn)Tc-88 at 145 MeV beam energy were used. Unambiguous identification of these nuclei which are populated with less than 1 mb cross section was achieved with coincidences between the gamma-radiation and the evaporation residues detected in a recoil mass separator. From gamma-gamma-coincidence data, a decay scheme of 11 transitions was constructed for Tc-88, the ground state of which is suggested to have I-pi = 7- or 8+. Two transitions identified in Tc-87 follow the pattern of a g9/2 one-quasiparticle band.


  • Dirk Rudolph
  • E. Cristancho
  • C. J. Gross
  • A. Jungclaus
  • K. P. Lieb
  • M. A. Bentley
  • W. Gelletly
  • J. Simpson
  • H. Grawe
  • J. Heese
  • K. H. Maier
  • J. Eberth
  • S. Skoda
  • J. L. Durell
  • B. J. Varley
  • D. J. Blumenthal
  • C. J. Lister
  • S. Rastikerdar
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  • Subatomär fysik
Sidor (från-till)L113-L119
TidskriftJournal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
StatusPublished - 1991
Peer review utfördJa