First Results from the Stopped RISING Campaign at GSI: The Mapping of Isomeric Decays in Highly Exotic Nuclei

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title = "First Results from the Stopped RISING Campaign at GSI: The Mapping of Isomeric Decays in Highly Exotic Nuclei",
abstract = "The first results from the Stopped Beam RISING experimental campaign performed at the GSI laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, are presented. RISING (Rare ISotope INvestigations at GSI) constitutes a major new experimental program in European nuclear structure physics research aimed at using relativistic‐energy, projectile‐fragmentation reactions to study nuclei with exotic proton‐to‐neutron ratios. This paper introduces the physics aims of the Stopped RISING collaboration and presents some technical details and initial results from experiments using the RISING array to study decays from metastable nuclear states in both proton and neutron‐rich nuclei.",
keywords = "nuclear structure, nuclear isomerism, metastable states, gamma-ray spectroscopy, nuclear energy levels, nuclear fragmentation, radioactive decay schemes",
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