First Stars. III. A detailed elemental abundance study of four extremely metal-poor giant stars

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This paper reports detailed abundance analyses for four extremelymetal-poor (XMP) giant stars with [Fe/H]<-3.8, based onhigh-resolution, high-S/N spectra from the ESO VLT (Kueyen/UVES) and LTEmodel atmosphere calculations. The derived [alpha /Fe] ratios in oursample exhibit a small dispersion, confirming previous findings in theliterature, i.e. a constant overabundance of the alpha -elements with avery small (if any) dependence on [Fe/H]. In particular, the very smallscatter we determine for [Si/Fe] suggests that this element shows aconstant overabundance at very low metallicity, a conclusion which couldnot have been derived from the widely scattered [Si/Fe] values reportedin the literature for less metal-poor stars. For the iron-peak elements,our precise abundances for the four XMP stars in our sample confirm thedecreasing trend of Cr and Mn with decreasing [Fe/H], as well as theincreasing trend for Co and the absence of any trend for Sc and Ni. Incontrast to the significant spread of the ratios [Sr/Fe] and [Ba/Fe], wefind [Sr/Ba] in our sample to be roughly solar, with a much lowerdispersion than previously found for stars in the range -3.5 < [Fe/H]< -2.5.Based on observations made with the ESO Very Large Telescope at ParanalObservatory, Chile (Large Programme ID 165.N-0276(A)).The complete version of Table 5 is only available in electronic form atthe CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or viahttp:/ / /A+A/403/1105


  • P. François
  • E. Depagne
  • V. Hill
  • M. Spite
  • F. Spite
  • B. Plez
  • T. C. Beers
  • B. Barbuy
  • R. Cayrel
  • J. Andersen
  • P. Bonifacio
  • P. Molaro
  • Birgitta Nordström
  • F. Primas
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  • Astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi


Sidor (från-till)1105-1114
TidskriftAstronomy & Astrophysics
Utgåva nummer3
StatusPublished - 2003
Peer review utfördJa


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