Fog deposition on a coniferous forest in The Netherlands

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title = "Fog deposition on a coniferous forest in The Netherlands",
abstract = "Fog deposition in December 1992 and February 1993 (two periods of several days in which fog occurred) was monitored at the location Speulderbos in The Netherlands. Fog droplet deposition was measured with eddy correlation and samples of fog water were taken with a string collector. At the same time, throughfall deposition was measured and throughfall water was sampled. The occult (fog/cloud) deposition during these periods was 3.4 and 2.0 mg m(-2) s(-1), respectively Throughfall fluxes measured during these periods were a factor of three higher. The contribution of occult deposition to the total acid deposition to forests in The Netherlands is estimated to be about 5{\%}. A clear relationship between the friction veracity u(*) and turbulent deposition velocity v(t) of fog droplets could be derived. The measured turbulent deposition-velocity for fog is half the deposition velocity for impulse v(m). Copyright (C) 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd",
keywords = "air pollution, pollutants, environmental impact, acidification, eddy, correlation, throughfall, micrometeorology, deposition velocity, fog, droplets, turbulent exchange, interception, liquid water content, forest, canopy, occult deposition",
author = "Alex Vermeulen and GP Wyers and FG Romer and NFM VanLeeuwen and GPJ Draaijers and JW Erisman",
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