Fru Nanna Grönvalls bokbinderi

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title = "Fru Nanna Gr{\"o}nvalls bokbinderi",
abstract = "At the age of 33 and mother of seven children (the husband a shawowy figure), Mrs Gr{\"o}nvall started a small but soon renowed hand book bindery in the town of Malm{\"o} in Southern Sweden in 1893. Mostly self-taught herself, through the years she housed and trained several apprentices and journeyman of wich some opened binderies of their own. At the Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Malm{\"o} 1907 she was awarded a silver medal. A photo of her show-case there as well as signed examples at Torup and other castles in the province show the generally restrained quality of her work. Most of the tools are still preserved by her successors. Even if Art Nouveau tools dominate, others allowed her to produce pastiches of earlier styles. Nanna Gr{\"o}nvall died from cancer in 1928, 69 years of age – one of many women character and talent that at the turn of the century made bookbinding their business.",
keywords = "Bookbinding, Arts and Crafts, Women binders, Bindings styles, Sweden, book history",
author = "Helena Str{\"o}mquist",
year = "1997",
language = "svenska",
volume = "84",
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