Gender and organization: Toward a differentiated understanding

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title = "Gender and organization: Toward a differentiated understanding",
abstract = "This paper treats a number of issues within the area of gender and organization. Alternative approaches are discussed — from comparing groups of women and men in organizations to using gender as a metaphor for illuminating the character of organizations. The limitations of generalizations on the relationship between gender and organizations are indicated. Instead of advocating a unitary feminine view and making just one case against male-domination and discrimination in organizations, differences between groups of women and a multiplicity of forms of masculinity in working life are suggested. In order to better understand gender bias and conflicts in organizations, a differentiated understanding of gender/ organization relations is suggested, based on an organizational symbolism approach.",
author = "Mats Alvesson and Billing, {Yvonne D.}",
year = "1992",
doi = "10.1177/017084069201300107",
language = "English",
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