Generating positrons with femtosecond-laser pulses

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title = "Generating positrons with femtosecond-laser pulses",
abstract = "Utilizing a femtosecond table-top laser system, we have succeeded in converting via electron acceleration in a plasma channel, low-energy photons into antiparticles, namely positrons. The average intensity of this source of positrons is estimated to be equivalent to 2x10(8) Bq and it exhibits a very favorable scaling for higher laser intensities. The advent of positron production utilizing femtosecond laser pulses may be the forerunner to a table-top positron source appropriate for applications in material science, and fundamental physics research like positronium spectroscopy. (C) 2000 American Institute of Physics. [S0003-6951(00)00143-1].",
author = "C Gahn and Tsakiris, {G. D} and G Pretzler and Witte, {K. J} and C Delfin and Claes-G{\"o}ran Wahlstr{\"o}m and D Habs",
year = "2000",
doi = "10.1063/1.1319526",
language = "English",
volume = "77",
pages = "2662--2664",
journal = "Applied Physics Letters",
issn = "0003-6951",
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