Geoelectrical imaging for detection of water migration in a bioreactor landfill

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title = "Geoelectrical imaging for detection of water migration in a bioreactor landfill",
abstract = "In this paper we describe field investigations of leachate recirculation at a bioreactor landfill using geoelectrical imagining technique (i.e., electrical resistivity) combined with a tracer test. The use of geoelectrical imagining techniques is an established practice for environmental investigations and monitoring of various landfill processes and in recent years also the bioreactor landfill concept has been emphasised. In the study, the electrical resistivity technique was evaluated and the possibility to detect water and gas migration in the waste mass was investigated. Results showing moisture migration through the bioreactor landfill, during leachate flushing and during a tracer test, are presented. Also results indicating the resistivity technique being useful for biogas detection are shown.",
author = "Hakan Rosqvist and Torleif Dahlin",
year = "2010",
month = "12",
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language = "English",
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