g-Factor Measurements on Relativistic Isomeric Beams Produced by Fragmentation and U-fission: The g-RISING Project at GSI

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift


Within the RISING (Rare ISotope INvestigations @ GSI) Collaboration at GSI, g factor measurements have been performed on isomeric states in neutron-rich isotopes approaching Sn-132 and in the neutron deficient Pb-region (the g-RISING campaign). We present the experimental technique and some typical aspects related to such studies on relativistic beams selected with the FRS fragment separator. First results are presented for the (19/2(+)) 4.5 mu s isomeric state in Sn-127, which has been produced by means of fission of a relativistic U-238 beam on the one hand, and by the fragmentation of a relativistic Xe-136 beam on the other hand. Spin-alignment has been observed in both reactions. It was the first time that spin-alignment has been established in a relativistic fission reaction.


  • G. Neyens
  • L. Atanasova
  • D. L. Balabanski
  • F. Becker
  • P. Bednarczyk
  • L. Caceres
  • P. Doornenbal
  • J. Gerl
  • M. Gorska
  • J. Grebosz
  • M. Hass
  • G. Ilie
  • N. Kurz
  • I. Kojouharov
  • R. Lozeva
  • A. Maj
  • M. Pfutzner
  • S. Pietri
  • Zs. Podolyak
  • W. Prokopowicz
  • T. R. Saitoh
  • H. Schaffner
  • G. Simpson
  • N. Vermeulen
  • E. Werner-Malento
  • J. Walker
  • H. J. Wollersheim
  • D. Bazzacco
  • G. Benzoni
  • A. Blazhev
  • N. Blasi
  • A. Bracco
  • C. Brandau
  • F. Camera
  • S. K. Chamoli
  • S. Chmel
  • F. C. L. Crespi
  • J. M. Daugas
  • M. De Rydt
  • P. Detistov
  • E. Farnea
  • G. Georgiev
  • K. Gladnishki
  • Robert Hoischen
  • M. Ionescu-Bujor
  • A. Iordachescu
  • J. Jolie
  • A. Jungclaus
  • M. Kmiecik
  • A. Krasznahorkay
  • R. Kulessa
  • S. Lakshmi
  • G. Lo Bianco
  • S. Mallion
  • K. Mazurek
  • W. Meczynski
  • D. Montanari
  • S. Myalsky
  • O. Perru
  • G. Rusev
  • A. Saltarelli
  • R. Schwengner
  • J. Styczen
  • K. Turzo
  • J. J. Valiente-Dobon
  • O. Wieland
  • M. Zieblinski
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  • Subatomär fysik
Sidor (från-till)1237-1247
TidskriftActa Physica Polonica. Series B: Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Theory of Relativity, Field Theory
Utgåva nummer4
StatusPublished - 2007
Peer review utfördJa