Gold-free GaAs/GaAsSb heterostructure nanowires grown on silicon

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title = "Gold-free GaAs/GaAsSb heterostructure nanowires grown on silicon",
abstract = "Growth of GaAs/GaAsSb heterostructure nanowires on silicon without the need for gold seed particles is presented. A high vertical yield of GaAs nanowires is first obtained, and then GaAsxSb1-x segments are successfully grown axially in these nanowires. GaAsSb can also be integrated as a shell around the GaAs core. Finally, two GaAsSb segments are grown inside a GaAs nanowire and passivated using an AlxGa1-xAs shell. It is found that no stacking faults or twin planes occur in the GaAsSb segments.",
keywords = "semiconductor quantum wires, semiconductor, semiconductor growth, nanowires, nanofabrication, growth, molecular beam epitaxial, gallium arsenide, III-V semiconductors, heterojunctions",
author = "S. Plissard and {Dick Thelander}, Kimberly and X. Wallart and P. Caroff",
year = "2010",
doi = "10.1063/1.3367746",
language = "English",
volume = "96",
journal = "Applied Physics Letters",
issn = "0003-6951",
publisher = "American Institute of Physics (AIP)",
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