Improved one-step steam pretreatment of SO2-impregnated softwood with time-dependent temperature profile for ethanol production.

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In the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic material, pretreatment of the raw material before enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation is essential to obtain high overall yields of sugar and ethanol. Two-step steam pretreatment results in higher ethanol yields from softwood than the standard one-step pretreatment process. However, the difficulty with separation and washing of the material at high pressure between the two pretreatment steps is a major drawback. In this study, a new one-step pretreatment procedure was investigated, in which the time-temperature profile was varied during pretreatment. The efficiency of pretreatment was assessed by performing simultaneous saccharification and fermentation on the pretreated slurries. Pretreatment of SO(2)-impregnated softwood performed by varying the temperature (190-226 degrees C), the residence time (5-10 min), and the mode of temperature increase (linear or stepwise), resulted in recovery of about 90% of the mannose and glucose present in the raw material. The highest ethanol yield, 75% of theoretical based on the glucan and mannan content of the raw material, was obtained at pretreatment conditions of 190 degrees C for 12 min. Similar ethanol yields were achieved when running the pretreatment as one-step (190-200 degrees C), two levels of temperature, at shorter residence time (7 min), which results in lower capital costs for the process.


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TidskriftBiotechnology Progress
StatusPublished - 2010
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